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Dance all the dances

by swingadmin on 24th May 2017

“Swing dancing” is something of a catch-all, umbrella term.
It pretty much refers to dances danced to swing music …. which in itself is another umbrella.
Suffice to say, there’s a whole lot of dancing going on, and Swing Patrol offers a big banquet of swing dances to learn and enjoy.

Lindy Hop is the attention-grabbing superstar, and taught across almost all Swing Patrol class venues, and at our regular Beginners Bootcamp workshops.
Click HERE to see what is probably the most famous lindy hop sequence ever filmed.

Balboa is a partnered swing dance originating in southern California in the 1920s & ’30s, characterised by fancy footwork and rotational energy. It’s like a wild ride!
Swing Patrol holds regular weekly Balboa classes from beginner to advanced levels at Balpit on Tuesdays, and a fortnightly Friday Balboa class and social dance at Club Maxie’s.
Find out more about Balboa HERE
and WATCH a demonstration dance at the recent Swing Patrol Meet Our Scene Ball.

Collegiate Shag is the hot new kid on the block in the swing revival. Swing Patrol now teaches Collegiate Shag in multiple venues, with classes weekly on Mondays for beginners and intermediate dancers at our newest venue, Swing Patrol Richmond, and a fortnightly Friday Shag class and social dance at Club Maxie’s.
Find out more about Collegiate Shag HERE
and WATCH local Shag performance troupe, Double Rhythm Riot, in action.

Blues dancing was borne from African-American movements and rhythms, expressing the blues music of the American south. It has a grounded, relaxed aesthetic that gives amazing freedom for creativity and improvisation. Today, modern blues dancing encompasses a big family of dances danced to blues music and jazz, all celebrating the richness of partnership, and sometimes drawing on diverse influences such as tango and waltz.
Sunday Blues Night features classes for beginners and intermediate Blues dancers every week, and monthly advanced sessions, plus social dancing to Blues music every Sunday night in the heart of the CBD.
Coming soon on Sunday 16 July … Blues In A Day – the Sequel: a full day workshop for those who’ve attended a number of beginner classes or a previous beginner blues workshop and are comfortable with fundamentals.
WATCH the Blues-Slow Swing final from the 2016 Australian Jitterbug Championships.

Solo Jazz is the foundation of jazz movement and swing dancing. Learning solo jazz dance improves quality of movement, sense of rhythm, technique and confidence, all of which complement partner dancing. Plus, it’s fun to dance to hot jazz music! Anywhere, any time.
Swing Patrol Fitzroy features Solo Jazz classes at 7.30pm Thursdays at St Bs. Open to all levels, you’ll learn vernacular jazz moves and technique, famous swing strolls and routines.
See some fun and inspiring solo jazz dancing – the ever popular Solo Charleston competition at AJC 2016 and Swing Patrol’s solo charleston performance troupe, The Bluebelles.

So belly up to the banquet table and experience all that swing dancing has to offer.

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