TONIGHT: Find a learning fix at Fun Pit, our #Coburg class or our SwINg-TENSIVE workshop!


(formerly known as Swing Patrol Brighton)

We’ve changed the name for the sake of clarity, but not the great location, the wonderful people or the fabulous dancing.


6:30pm: Level 1
Total Beginners
Drop in any week, all welcome! Each week we start from scratch with the basic steps so you can start anytime. We rotate partners throughout the class so no partner required, all you need is to show up and we’ll sort you out from there. If you’re keen to get started or want to work on your basic technique, this is the class for you.


7:30pm: Level 2
Know the basics and looking for a little more challenge? Keen to add some moves to your repertoire? or just need your weekly Lindy Hop fix? Then you want to be in this class. We will have new moves each week to challenge and entertain you, with a focus on getting the most out of the social dance floor.

8:30pm: Level 3
For those of you really wanting to work on the intricacies of this lead and follow dance. You’re starting to explore exchanges and are on the social dance floor at every opportunity. You can swingout with confidence at a range of tempos and just want to know more! Nothing is off-limits, and we’ll really stretch the boundaries!


See you on the dance floor!