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Learn swing dancing in the West!


7:00pm: Level 1
Total Beginners

Drop in any week, all welcome! We’ll get you started on all the key elements of the swing dance family, including Charleston, 6-beat and 8-beat, as well as figuring out how dancing with a partner works. This class is perfect for anyone who hasn’t danced swing before, or is just looking to work on their basic technique. We start from scratch each week, but guarantee that you’ll be able to dance to a whole song by the end of the class! No need to worry about partners as we’ll be rotating throughout the class – just bring all your friends for a fun, social night with great music.


Commencing Tuesday 8 August:
8:00pm: Level 1
Performance Routine class

Over a series of weeks we’ll teach a full piece of choreography specially prepared for the Swing Patrol Performance Ball on Saturday 7 October. Learning routines can be fun, challenging and rewarding. It’s a great way to focus your swing dance development, discover new moves, understand musicality, get lots more practice, and, if you choose, get set to perform on the night.
The routine will be a Level 1 switch dancing routine to Blues in Hoss’ Flat by Duke Ellington. No experience with switching necessary, and it will include Charleston and Lindy Hop moves. Whether a dancer starts as the ‘A’ or ‘B’, they will get a very similar experience as we repeat moves and sequences so they will do it in both roles by the end of the song.
$16 for one class, or $24 if you do Level 1 plus the Routine class.

See you on the dance floor!