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Balpit, Richmond



Balboa classes taught by Luke Serrano and Kathryn Atkinson
Slow Balboa classes taught by Luke Serrano and Nicki Jackson


7:00pm – 8:00pm: Level 1
Balboa Fundamentals
This class is perfect for the following:
1. Beginners to Balboa, or indeed to swing dancing, or any kind of partnered dancing.
2. Lindy Hop dancers who wish to develop excellent fundamentals in Balboa.
3. Balboa dancers who wish to deepen their knowledge and expand their social dance skills through learning the complementary role.
Please be aware that while we operate on a casual drop-in-any-week basis, we do run a 12 week Fundamentals program (see below) that runs 3 times a year.
We rotate partners throughout the class, so no partner required- we’ll make you feel at home.

Click here for Level 1 class content and 2017 class schedule.


8:00pm – 9:00pm: Level 2
It is expected that students in Level 2 classes will either have completed the Balpit 12 week Balboa Fundamentals Level 1 course or already possess the requisite skills to lead or follow the moves listed in the Level 1 class content (see above). If you are unsure, please discuss with either Kathryn or Luke for a recommendation.
In Level 2 classes we focus in detail upon:
1. Further technical refinements of the ‘five Ps’ of Balboa.
2. Exciting moves and styling for both leaders and followers.
3. Social dancing skills, to improve the dance connection and communication.


9:00pm – 10:00pm: Level 3 (1st & 2nd Tue of the month)

Students in Level 3 classes have typically been dancing balboa consistently for 3 or more years, and are very adept on the social floor, and comfortable dancing balboa at fast tempos. They are keen to develop the look and feel of their dancing by paying great attention to subtle details.
At this level we will explore:
1. How to achieve a higher and more efficient level of technical precision.
2. Advanced partnership skills that heighten the range of expression for both partners.
3. Elegance of movement, for how the dance looks & feels.
4. Creative thinking and problem solving in the context of advanced balboa moves & movement.

9:00pm – 10:00pm: Slow Balboa (3rd & 4th Tue of the month)
The Slow Balboa classes are aimed at intermediate and advanced level swing dancers. Students will learn a wide range of fundamental moves and stylings, supplemented by many original moves designed by Luke and Nicki especially for the Melbourne Balboa community.


10:00pm – 10:45pm: free social dancing
The best way to improve your dancing is to get on the floor and try things out! Use this time to practice what you’ve learned, and enjoy the magic that is dancing Balboa with a partner.


What is Balboa?

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