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Balboa at Swing Patrol

by swingadmin on 25th June 2019

(photo credit: Cuskelly Photography)

Balboa is a partnered swing dance that originated in the 1930s in Southern California, particularly in the beachside resort called Balboa.
Back in the day, crowded dance halls often had strict rules which prohibited the Charleston and other exuberant dances, so a dance which required very little space naturally evolved. Nowadays, this subtle, close position dance is known as Pure Balboa. Meanwhile, in L.A., some adventurous dancers were using more open connections to introduce spins, turns, dips, tricks, and even air steps into their dancing. This style is now known as Bal-swing. A second generation of dancers fused these two styles together, and thus modern Balboa was born, a dance capable of both great finesse and great excitement.

Swing Patrol classes teach the full banquet of swing dances, so you can expect to learn a little Bal at your regular venue. If you’re keen to pick up more, we also have a number of options that really focus on Balboa.

Learn To Dance In A Day – Balboa
Register now for this workshop on Sunday 7 July in Richmond. We’ll teach you the fundamentals and have you dancing Balboa by the end of the afternoon. Featuring experienced instructors plus in-class teaching assistants to give you extra attention and tips to maximise your learning.

Richmond Balboa
Weekly Balboa classes for beginners, intermediate level and more advanced Balboa dancers. Tuesday nights in Richmond. Also featuring regular classes in Slow Balboa.

Club Maxie’s
Melbourne’s only regular Balboa and Collegiate Shag social dancing night, fortnightly on Fridays in Prahran. There’s a beginner level Balboa class at 7.30pm, followed immediately by social dancing to DJ music. The go-to venue for Bal lovers and the Bal-curious.

All The Cats Join In 2020
Returning March 2020 for it’s 5th consecutive year, ATCJI has become Australia’s premier event featuring Balboa and Collegiate Shag. A unique choose-your-own-adventure workshop program, four nights of social dancing to swinging live bands and fabulous DJs, competitions, performances – this fun festival attracts dancers to Melbourne from all over the world.

Watch more Balboa … and dance more Balboa.

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