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Blues at Swing Patrol

by swingadmin on 30th July 2019

Blues dancing is about moving to blues music.
It was born from African-American movements and rhythms, expressing the blues music of the American south. It has a grounded, relaxed aesthetic that gives amazing freedom for creativity, and invites improvisation and individual expression, with diverse rhythms, shapes and stylings.
Today, modern blues dancing encompasses a big family of dances danced to blues music and jazz, and sometimes drawing on diverse influences such as tango and waltz, while embracing the long, rich history of blues music from it’s African-American roots to the vibrant contemporary culture.
With supreme focus on partnership connection, learning blues enhances skills that translate to all partner dancing.
It also provides ample opportunity to work on your solo movement, and add personality to all of your dancing.

Swing Patrol classes teach the full banquet of swing dances, so you can expect to learn a little bit of Blues dancing at your regular venue. If you’re keen to pick up more, we also have a number of options that really focus on Blues.

Re-ignite Your Blues – with Shob & Andy
Sunday 17 November, Brunswick
This workshop will cover fundamental technique, creative self-expression and more. Suitable for swing dancers who are comfortable partner dancing and keen to broaden their experience and explore blues dancing.
With Shob Nambiar and Andy Fodor, two of Australia’s most experienced and sought-after blues instructors.

Fitzroy Blues Dancing
Weekly classes and social dancing every Thursday night at The Kodiak Club in Brunswick Street.
Every week: All-levels class at 6.30pm, where we cover the basics so you can start anytime, and offer a little extra challenge for those with more experience.
Alternate fortnights: Advanced Blues class at 8pm OR social dancing at “Blues in the Attic”

Sunday Blues Night
A long-running institution in the Melbourne blues community, blues classes and free social dancing in the heart of the CBD.
5pm Intermediate/Advanced challenge class
6pm All levels “Moves” class
7pm free social dancing every week to all kinds of blues music, courtesy of fabulous DJs. And at a user-friendly hour that gets you home at a reasonable time on a school night 😉

Sunday Blues Night Live! With the Georgia Brooks Quintet
Sunday 20 October
The Exford Hotel, 199 Russel St Melbourne (crn Little Bourke St)
Unmissable! One of our community’s best-loved bands, playing live for social dancing from 7pm. Entry $18.
Come early for the 6pm All-levels class ($18), for an introduction to travelling ballroomin’, a dance that will be a great complement to the night’s live music.

images by Cuskelly Photography

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