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Ignite Your Blues

Shob and Andy are so thrilled to be teaching blues in Melbourne again, bringing inspiration from years of partnership and their recent travels to learn and teach in Europe.
They would love to welcome not only blues lovers but lindy hop and balboa dancers who are curious to explore this beautiful dance. As students of all three dances, Shob and Andy hope to offer a unique perspective to students of any dances in the swing family.

Exploring the diverse range of blues fundamentals, shapes and movements they love and rhythms and stylings to inspire.



When: Saturday 23 March 2019
Where: Forever Dance (Studio 2) Level 1/432 Church St. Richmond VIC 3121



11.15am: Check in
11.30am – 12.45pm Session 1 “Explore the rhythms of blues”
In this class we will refine our fundamentals and then take a journey exploring some of the most well known and loved rhythms in blues music. Expect lots of chance for individual improvisation and we will keep adding layers of challenge for every level.
12.45pm – 2.00pm Session 2 “Shapes and connections”
Explore the use of asymmetry to connect with your partner and learn how to flow seamlessly from one connection to the next. We will also share how we play with call and response to improvise as a partnership.
2.00pm – 2.45pm – lunch break
2.45pm – 4.00pm Session 3 “Getting fancy”
We will share our approach to creating dips and highlights in a way that both partners negotiate the shape and depth of the movement. Learn some of our favourites and create your own!

Each session will have 70mins of instruction (with plenty of dancing) and 5mins for recap/video.



$60 per person
$120 Pair Pass (1 Lead & 1 Follow)

Online registrations will close at 5pm Friday 22 March. After that time, tickets will only be available for full cash price at the door.

Book now

If you’re registering for you and a friend, make sure you register Leads and Follows separately – please don’t book 2 Follow tickets for a Follow and a Lead. Or you can buy a Pair Pass in one single transaction (for 1 Lead and 1 Follow.)

$70 per person
*cash only – please bring correct money*



* This workshop is aimed at swing dancers who are comfortable with partner dancing (lindy hop, balboa, shag etc) and keen to broaden their experience and explore blues dancing.

* We will be teaching lead & follow partnered blues dancing, so you will need to elect to dance as a Lead or a Follow. You don’t need to register with a partner or bring one with you. We frequently change partners throughout the sessions.

* What do I wear?
Shoes comfortable for dancing (flat shoes might be preferable if you’re not accustomed to dancing in heels.)
Comfortable clothing that you can really move about in.

* What do I bring on the day?
Water, small towel, deodorant, mints, snacks, lunch, and loads of energy!

* Cancellations and Refunds
Some of our venues have a fixed capacity so we close off places for participants at a set point. For this reason, cancellations and refunds are not possible without 24 hours notice as we may have turned away other dancers. Thanks for understanding.
Where applicable, a full or partial refund (less administration fee) may be available up to close of registrations. Contact
After close of registration, no refunds will be issued.
We are pretty friendly and approachable so send an email and hopefully we can assist you!


* Any other questions?
Any questions, email



Shob and Andy fell in love with blues from their early days of swing dancing 15 years ago, and they are still so passionate about exploring and sharing this art form. They are two of Australia’s most sought-after blues instructors, having taught extensively around Australia, NZ and recently Madrid.
Together and separately they have won multiple titles in blues and slow swing, including the Australian Blues Championships. Shob is also the creator and co-director of Slowdown, Australia’s first ever weekend dedicated to celebrating all forms of slow dance.
They are both students and teachers of this beautiful dance and take any opportunity to learn and challenge themselves. They are inspired by the original African American musicians and dancers who created this art form and are humbled by the opportunity to share it with others.

Watch Shob and Andy performing a beautiful Blues dance.


(Photo credit: Cuskelly Photography)