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Learn To Switch Dance In A Day

What is switching? Getting to dance both lead and follow in the same dance!
If that’s something you’d like to dip your toes into, we can teach you some Level 1 moves to smoothly transition or switch between lead and follow in a social dance!
This workshop day is perfect for anyone feeling pretty solid on Charleston, six-beat Lindy Hop and eight-beat Lindy Hop footwork, regardless of your dominant role.



Check in: 10.45am

Session 1: 11.00am – 12.15pm
Switch dancing in SIX BEAT Lindy Hop

30min break

Session 2: 12.45pm – 2.00pm
Switch dancing in EIGHT BEAT Lindy Hop

15min break

Session 3: 2.15pm – 3.30pm
Switch dancing in Lindy Hop CHARLESTON



Option A:
Pre-book online through Trybooking:
$20 per person per session
$55 per person for the full day

Registrations will close Thursday 16th November at 5pm
(Note that TryBooking is not an app and won’t work properly from a phone or other device. Best to get onto a computer to register.)

Bookings now open!
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Option B:
Casual attendance (cash on the day):
$25 per person per session
$65 per person for the full day

Places for casual attendees only available if workshop is not fully booked.
Online registration is the best way to secure your place.



* This workshop is aimed at swing dancers interested in learning switch dancing, enabling them to both lead and follow in a social dance. Some familiarity with the fundamentals of six-beat Lindy Hop eight-beat Lindy Hop and Charleston footwork is required.

* We will be teaching lead & follow partnered swing dancing, and switching between the two roles in the dance. You don’t need to register with a partner or bring one with you. We rotate partners throughout the sessions – a great way to meet new people, all sharing the same fun learning experience. All participants will learn both lead and follow roles throughout the workshop.

* What do I wear?
Shoes comfortable for dancing (flat shoes might be preferable if you’re not accustomed to dancing in heels.)
Comfortable clothing that you can really move about in.

* What do I bring on the day?
Water, small towel, deodorant, mints, snacks, lunch, and loads of energy!

* Refund Policy:
Please select your ticket purchase carefully.
Where applicable, a refund of 50% of ticket price may be issued up to close of registration.
After close of registration, no refunds will be issued.

* Any other questions?
Any questions, email



Lauren Byrne
As a classically trained cellist, Lauren is no stranger to working with a beat. However, it wasn’t until early 2014 that she collided with what was to become her favourite way of interacting with music – social swing dancing! She has been addicted ever since, and brings her expertise from degrees in Psychology and Music to her teaching. Lauren is a great champion of switch dancing, having taught weekly switch classes since November 2016 and being equally accomplished at both leading and following.

(photo by Damon van Opdorp)
Kieran Ramsay
Kieran wants to live in a world where there are friends, the food is wholesome, and we are free. Dancing satisfies all three of Kieran’s desires for him, so long as you are willing to accept that a late night cheese toasty is wholesome.

Starting his journey in the powerful Perth scene, Kieran quickly became a swing dance nerd, annoying all and sundry with philosophy on dance partnerships and teaching techniques. This led to Kieran teaching some of the first regular weekly Switch classes in Perth, as well as developing the curriculum.

Kieran’s great dancing love is social dancing that brings together the music, your partner, and yourself into a whirlwind of rhythm and slapstick.

(photo by Fudz Qazi)


Watch some sensational switch dancing from ILHC 2017