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Swingout Wonderland … with Sarah and Anthony Wheaton

The wonderful world of Lindy Hop with Sarah and Anthony Wheaton

A workshop for intermediate level dancers looking to improve their skills and technique, broaden their repertoire of moves, and develop their understanding of musicality and the finer points of Lindy Hop. Lead by Sarah & Anthony Wheaton, two of the best and most experienced swing dance teachers in Australia, this is a very special opportunity for focussed work on your Lindy Hop under the guidance of these champions of the dance.



** Daylight Savings Time starts 2am on Sun 5 Oct. Turn your clock 1 hour forward to arrive at the workshop on time. **

Session 1: 10:30 – 11:45: Swingout Wonderland

15 minute break/change over

Session 2: 12:00 – 1:15: Musicality

1:15 to 2:00pm LUNCH

Session 3: 2:00pm – 3:15: Lindy Hop Styling

15 minute break/changeover

Session 4: 3:30pm – 4:45: Wow-Factor Moves



Session 1: Swingout Wonderland.
Want to learn how to really make your swingouts sizzle? In this session, we’ll focus on all the techniques involved in getting your swingouts to feel great – both for you and your partner. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to go super-slow and super-fast and everything in-between.

Session 2: Musicality.
Being a musical dancer can mean so many things for different people. It can seem so difficult … the stuff that advanced dancers do! We, however, are going to share with you a big bag of musical goodies that will get you on the right musical track, and not a beat too late!

Session 3: Lindy Hop Styling.
Here, we’ll go over how to make your Lindy Hop look super spesh. We’ll concentrate on swivels for the follows, layouts for the leads, lines, lag and more.

Session 4: Wow-Factor Moves.
This class will be all about the WOW. We’ll teach you a number of super impressive moves that are good for both the social dance floor and a jam session too. These are the sorts of moves that will impress your Granny.



Option A:
$33 per person per session or $100 for the whole day when pre-booking through TryBooking.
Registrations will close Thursday 2 October at 5pm.
(Note that TryBooking is not an app and won’t work properly from a phone or other device. Best to get onto a computer to register.)
Registrations open now!
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Option B:
$40 per person per session or $120 for the whole day for casual attendance paid in cash on the day – no need to register.



* This workshop is aimed at intermediate dancers (Level 2s, and experienced Level 1s confident with their swingout capability) who are ready to progress their Lindy Hop to the next level.

* You do not need a partner to register, we will rotate partners throughout the workshop.

* You can pre-register and pre-pay for this workshop to receive the discounted price OR you can pay cash on the day per session for casual attendance.

What do I bring on the day?

Shoes comfortable for dancing, small towel, deodorant, water, mints, snacks, lunch.

Any other questions?

Any questions, email



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This dynamic duo have made swing dancing their passion since they each started dancing in late 1999. Anthony & Sarah joined together as a partnership at the end of 2002 and since then have worked hard to develop themselves as both dancers and teachers.

In terms of influences, these two consciously embrace the history of Lindy Hop with both their preferred music and dance style. They’ve studied dance footage from the ’20s right through the golden years of swing, and aim to reflect the original styles in their own dancing. Through fast dancing, Aerials and Charleston, Anthony & Sarah are well known for their ability to ‘fly’ at faster tempos. With a love for ’20s hot jazz and ’30s big band swing, individually they’re also quite adept at solo Charleston and jazz dancing.

Aside from their weekly classes together in Melbourne, Anthony & Sarah have a wealth of workshop experience having each taught numerous workshops and classes in Victoria and most other Australian major cities. Their teaching experience also extends to New Zealand and major USA events such as at Camp Jitterbug in Seattle, The Boston Tea Party, and for local scenes in the US such as Swing Central in San Francisco, Orange County, Pasadena, Jam Cellar in Washington DC as well as in London and the amazing Swing Crash Festival in Italy.

For those of you that have already learnt from Anthony and Sarah, you’ll know that their classes revolve around building solid foundations in Lindy Hop technique with an unhealthy focus on fun. They emphasise feeling the music and adapting your dancing accordingly, using great partner connection, clear lead/follow communication and creativity. Anthony & Sarah have an extensive knowledge of general dance principles and use these to give their students a clear understanding of Lindy Hop and its evolution.

Watch classic Sarah & Anthony in action