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Teacher Training: Build Your Community

“It’s unusual for us to place our internal teacher training on our public workshops section, but we have had many requests from dance teachers in smaller scenes where they don’t have the support network that our team have. For this reason we have made this a public workshop where all are welcome. The workshop is aimed at dance teachers and will at times be Swing Patrol focused. If you think this maybe a good day for you and your team, pop us a note at Our target market is our own teaching team, dancers that are part of our succession planning programme for the future and anyone passionate about their teaching.” – Scott Cupit

As a community, we are constantly striving to improve the experience we provide for our students through the teacher training we offer. Here’s your opportunity to learn from director Scott Cupit and some of Swing Patrol’s most successful teachers, about how to foster a thriving swing scene and gain some hands-on experience to unpick the qualities of what a great lesson feels like. Be a part of this immersive teacher training and leave feeling inspired to do more for your scene and build your community.

Swing Patrol takes teacher training seriously and has an incredible track record of producing an amazing community of dancers and teachers. While many training sessions happen on a needs-must basis, this is the start of a more formalised programme, showcasing different guest teachers each time. This training is for our own teachers and team members who are part of our internal succession planning, and anyone else who is passionate about delivering the best possible dance classes and building a sustainable, healthy scene.


Details at a glance

Date: Saturday 1 February 2020
Time: 12pm – 5.30pm
Location: Melbourne Latin Dance Studio – Level 1, 281-283 Swan St. Richmond VIC 3121
Cost: $40 Early Bird / $60 standard price



This training session will feature:
Scott Cupit (read more here about Scott)
Scott has a track record and builds a venue easily with his relaxed style of teaching, blending humour, hard work, goofiness and iron clad technique into his classes. With twenty years heading up Swing Patrol, his knowledge of how to deliver a class and how to manage the variety of situations is vast. Scott has not just talked the talk – even in 2019 he built his local venue to over 100 people. Come and find out how!

Noni Healy (read more here about Noni)
Noni is an acclaimed dance teacher who has reputation for excellence. With a warm approach to dancing combined with a flair for rhythm, Noni has built large classes over the years and been at the forefront of great teaching. Considered by many as a teacher to the teachers, this a golden opportunity to see why Noni has had such along and successful career teaching both at home and on the international stage.

Sarah Wheaton (read more here about Sarah)
Sarah has anchored large venues for many years and has that unique skill of combining humour, hard work, history nuggets, great music and exceptional delivery to her classes. Vincenzo Fesi was once watching Sarah & Anthony teach and spontaneously invited them to guest teach at Swing Crash at Como Italy. Yes we have a gem in Melbourne with so much to offer new teachers.



The Perfect Storm (12:00PM – 1:00PM)
Why has this new person walked through the door and what are their expectations? What will make them rave about your class the next day? What type of environment and culture do you want to create as a teacher? A discussion about how to provide the best experience for students from the minute the walk in the door to the moment they leave.

Creating the Love Bubble (1:10PM – 2:10PM)
You only have an hour to deliver the perfect class, what will inspire people and ensure that they want to come back the following week? A discussion about the key ingredients towards improving your retention rate and helping to build your community from the word go.

Opportunist Ownership (2:15PM – 3:00PM)
Some teachers can build a class up to 50 (or more!) with ease. What’s the “X factor” that they have? What you focus on will blossom – making the most of the hidden opportunities all around you.

The Break Down (3:10PM – 4:20PM)
How do you break down a basic in under 30-seconds? What material should you teach to what level? How important are your choices of music? Unpick the qualities of what makes a successful lesson feel good. Learn how to pitch, structure and break down material to various levels.

The Communication Key (4:30PM – 5:30PM)
At the heart of our swing dance teaching is the swing out, so let’s chat about ways to teach the swing out and the most efficient way to get people dancing well. We will also explore the different ways people learn, thus ensuring it’s important to know how to deliver your message in different ways when required. The delivery of dance teaching is paramount to creating good dancing and building a positive culture in all we do.


Cost and Registration

Early Bird price – valid until 15 Jan 2020 (CLOSED)
$40 per person (+ booking fee)

Standard price – valid 16 Jan to 31 Jan 2020
$60 per person (+ booking fee)

Attendance is by online registration only.
Registrations will close at 5pm on Friday 31 January 2020.

Bookings now open!
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Testimonials from the last Swing Patrol session of this nature:

“I am a new dance teacher in Bexhill East Sussex and recently attended a swing Patrol teacher training day in London. It was extremely useful and informative day that gave me really useful insights into how to grow, promote and maintain my dance class. The speakers with included Scott Cupit gave us some inspirational ideas that I will definitely be taking away to use. I also had the chance to interact with other teachers from around the country and even had the added bonus of a dance class from two top international performers – Steph & Pete. I would definitely recommend this course.” Alan Hands – Teacher & Swing DJ Hands on

“Swing Patrol teacher training and scene-building sessions are always value for money. They’re a great place to geek out about pedagogy, brainstorm ideas with fellow teachers, get new perspectives, tactics and best practices on a variety of topics and classroom situations. Highly recommend for all teachers, from the brand new to the experienced, as there’s always more to learn and grow as a teacher and scene leader. Would definitely attend again!” Jenn

“It was welcoming, informative, interesting, affordable, with loads of useful stuff for both new and experienced teachers and scene leaders. It provided plenty of material to take home and share with our own teaching crew.”

“It was so good to be able to participate in this kind of thoughtful training, especially for a whole day.”

“Really happy to have come and met some great people and feel very inspired and much more confident to start a community in my town – ‘I’ can be one of the ones to do it.”

“Would highly recommend to teachers and scene leaders everywhere! It’s a great opportunity to draw on the experience of such a huge and very successful swing dance scene. Thanks for sharing!”

“I left inspired and with new concepts that made me feel good about my future as a teacher. On top of that, I felt like I learnt something to apply in life in general. Loved it!”

“It was a thorough journey through the process of setting up a class – the positives and negatives – which was very relatable and felt real because we’re hearing from someone who has experienced it all – ups and downs; with practical advice for us all.”