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Meet The Scene Ball – thank you

by swingadmin on 13th May 2019

Meet The Scene Ball 2019!

What a wonderful evening was had on Saturday 11 May, as our community turned out to celebrate swing dancing and the joy it brings us.
This is such a special event, introducing newcomers to something they may not have experienced – hundreds of people, dressed up and social dancing on a big ballroom floor to a live swing band – and showing them they are part of something even bigger than their weekly dance class. Even for those who’ve been to dozens of swing balls, the Fitzroy Town Hall on Saturday night was awe-inspiring and energizing.

Thanks to everyone who came along to share the fun.

And on behalf of everyone who enjoyed the night, extra thanks to those who worked hard to make it happen ….

MCs: Genevieve Wallis-Best and Kara Martin – who delightfully held the night together with their enthusiasm and good humour, and helped introduce everyone to #allthedances, #allthevenues and #allthecolours.
Band: Mat Jodrell & His Romping Stompers – a solid combo of sensational musicians who really brought the swinging jazz.
DJ: Julia Wharington – for great tunes, and especially her selections for the teacher intro dance (a tricky task).
Sound: John Harvey and HB Audio
Social Media: Erin Mathews (Instagram) and Olivia Latrache (Facebook) – helped spread the word and the excitement about this great event.
Videography: John Wharington – thanks to his quick work, videos will be rolling out on our social media this week.
Photography: Photos by Carly
Performers: The Bluebelles, Brat Pack, Double Rhythm Riot, Harlem Shout and the Balboa and Blues demonstration teams – all put in so much work to showcase the great big banquet of swing dances.
Bar services: Liquid Infusion
Beginner lesson teachers: Bruce Frame, Celia Webb (SP Point Cook)

Front Of House and Behind the Scenes
Stage Manager – Mel Smith
Our awesome Event Crew – Ali Bahram, Asha Angelico, Belinda Stopar, David Chan, Francesca Hoban Ryan, Hana Bereznakove, Jess Carruthers, Jess Chiu, Louis Nollet, Matt Wood, Monica McNab, Nike Ponnet, Olga Bespalov, Olivia Latrache, Paula Hendrix, Stephanie Ahani, Tara Ziemann, Theo Davies
Kerryn Hyde – for 10 years Kerryn has been Swing Patrol’s Event Manager, coordinating the logistics of our big events, handling everything from venue liaison to volunteer rostering and being on the ground from set up to pack up and overseeing the whole she-bang with her usual efficiency and remarkable composure. MTSB 2019 was Kerryn’s last big event as she transitions out of the role to further study. We can’t thank her enough for everything she has contributed to swing dancing in Melbourne.

And an extra shout out to our tremendous teaching team and venue anchors. Their efforts to prepare their students to Meet The Scene are boundless – not only teaching us to dance, including Shim Shams, Big Apples and Charlestons that bring us together as a community, but giving tips on dance etiquette, fashion, history and context, and organising pre-Ball dinners. And they keep doing it, week in and week out. Hooray for these exceptional people …

BRUNSWICK: Joel Kohn, Shob Nambiar
CAMBERWELL: Ernie Soh, Steph Ashby
CBD: Josh Varcoe, Sarah Wheaton
CLUB MAXIE’S: Ian Caughley, Melinda Smith
COBURG COLLEGIATE SHAG: Annabelle Hale, Nial Bruce
ELSTERNWICK: Krystian Ragiel, Sarah Wheaton
FITZROY-courses: Anna van Dijk, Brady King, Chloé Mereau, Chris Sutton, Krystian Ragiel, Noni Healy
FITZROY BLUES DANCING: Corinne Allen, Tim Jones
FUN PIT: Joel Kohn, Tanya Stephan
MOORABBIN: Nicole Smith, Scott Everard
NORTHCOTE: Ari Levi, Melissa Thomas
OAKLEIGH: Katherine Bode, Sverre Gunnersen
POINT COOK: Bruce Frame, Celia Webb
RICHMOND BALBOA: Ian Caughley, Kathryn Atkinson, Nicki Jackson, Tim Coyne
SOUTH YARRA: Brydie McLatchie, Daniel Dobber (with Reece Campbell)
SUNDAY BLUES NIGHT: Kara Martin, Vanessa Nimmo
YARRAVILLE: Asha Angelico, Jess Sendra
THE BLUEBELLES troupe: Genevieve Wallis Best, Meredith Eldridge
BRAT PACK troupe: Chris Gaspardis, Genevieve Wallis Best
HARLEM SHOUT troupe: Janice Campbell, Matt Yeung

In the meantime, hit social media to post your own photos, upload your videos, tag and share your memories.

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