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MSF – what a weekend!!

by swingadmin on 11th June 2019

Six sensational international instructors, 2 days of inspiring workshops, 4 nights of social dancing bliss, 2 sizzling bands, 11 smokin’ DJs, 7 locations and about 400 dancers.
What a mammoth event was Melbourne Swing Festival 2019.

To all those who traveled, whether across town or across the globe, we thank you for coming together on the dance floor to learn, to party, to have fun and swing hard.
As we catch up on the sleep we missed, and miss the friends we caught up with, we also want to say a heartfelt thanks to the many people who worked hard to make this event happen.

Swing Patrol Directors: Claudia Funder and Scott Cupit
Budget Supervisor: Claudia Funder
Admin Support: Melinda Smith

Website: Darren You of Little Leg Up
Graphic Design: Monica Mcnab
Assistant Graphic Design: Brady King
Social Media: Chloe Mereau (Facebook), Erin Mathews (Instagram)
Promotions: Jeanne-Clare Storace
Vice Decorations Coordinator: Gabby
Photographer: Sam Jozeps

Teachers: Alice Mei, Felipe Braga, Felix Berghill, Nathan Bugh, Pamela Gaizutyte, Ramona Staffeld
Hellzapoppin warm-up lesson: Noni Healy and Scott Cupit
Teacher Liaison: Annabelle Hale
Teacher Hosts: Jarrod Bates, Julia Wharington, Kathryn Kelly, Steve Danczak, Viet Nguyen, Vivi Kalman
Ticketing: Tyler Holmes

Safe Space Crew Coordinator: Gabby
Evening Managers: Melinda Smith, Tim Jones, Tyler Holmes
Late Night Manager: Denis
Event Crew Coordinator and Front of House Manager: Asha Angelico
Event Crewincluding decorators, set up and pack up teams, door staff, ushers, hot honey bakers, safe spaces officers, drivers, teachers’ aides:
Akriti, Alexander Cushen, Alison Blundy, Alissah, Belinda Stopar, Brydie, Caitlin Keating, Caitlin Pelly, Charles Chatelier, Ella, Francesca, Freddy, Ian Caughley, James Thomson, Jarrod, Jaynen Yong, Jess Carruthers, Jess Shegog, Jessica, Kara Martin, Karolina Kosir, Laura, Lexie, Lisa M, Louella, Lucy, Madeleine, Marion Christie, Melissa Davey, Melissa Thomas, Mike Brooks, Monique, Morgana, Nick Smale, Nicole Alexander, Ning, Pamela, Pranya, Quynh, Sally Hiller, Sam, Shaunie, Simona, Tania Roblot, Tania Shegog, Tara Ziemann, Tess Johnson, Tini, Vivian Cantera

MCs: Jeanne-Clare Storace, Scott Cupit, Steph Ashby
Bands: Andrew Dickeson’s “Blue Rhythm Band”; Andy Swann and his Groovie Crew
DJ Manager: Tim Jones
DJs: Brady King, Brodie Gilligan, Felix Berghill, Julia Wharington, Naomi West, Noni Healy, Shaz Callaghan, DJ Tes (from Noumea!), Tim Jones, Trevor Hutchison, Tyler Holmes.
Audio: John Harvey and the HB Audio crew

Performers: The Bluebelles, Brat Pack, Echoes of Harlem, Harlem Shout, Hot Jam, the MSF 2019 Teaching Team
Presenters: Emily Fitzgerald and Scott Cupit

Official photos and videos will roll out on the Melbourne Swing Festival Facebook page and Instagram account.
In the meantime, share and tag your own memories of a fantastic festival.

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