We have no words... This is 10 minutes you just HAVE to watch! 😯😅🤩 https://t.co/2vwK00mSkz


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Meet Our Scene Ball 2018

The night the whole community comes out to play! Meet new friends, welcome newcomers, celebrate our scene and dance to live swinging jazz.

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Fig Jig

Swing Patrol’s brand new Sunday afternoon social. Totally beginner-friendly.

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Swing City

Swing City - live jazz and social dancing in the heart of the city.

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Swing Live!

"Where can I dance to a live band?" Support live music and swing live!

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Blues Night

Blues dancing is the one of Melbourne's great passions. It's a slower dance that will have you moving to the music and exploring partner connection in a new exhilarating way. Regular social dancing is FREE at Sunday Blues.

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Fun Pit

This has become one of the most popular social events of the calendar - a Melbourne swing dance institution. Fortnightly Friday nights.

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Club Maxie’s

Club Maxie's is a social swing dancing event for all, with a focus on Balboa, and embracing Collegiate Shag. Great for those who want some pep in their swing step. Fortnightly Friday nights.

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