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Asha started Swing Dancing in 2013, hoping to lose weight while having fun at the same time. She got the fun part right and was soon hooked – dancing up to six times a week.

Her dance background is in Irish Dancing so she loves the freedom to use her arms that she’s found in Swing. It was a novel experience for quite some time, and solo jazz has given her even more freedom, fun and expression in this area.

She loves to dance Blues and Balboa, as well as Lindy, and has recently added Shag to her dance kit too.

As experienced performer, Asha was one of the first members of “The Bluebelles” and has been a part of “Brat Pack” as a lead since it re-formed in late 2017.

She is looking forward to sharing her love of the dance as part of Swing Patrol’s teaching team.

(from a photo by Cuskelly Photography)

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