TOMORROW, NOV 19: Learn to Switch Dance in a Day. It's almost upon us now!

Learn to swing dance with Ernie Soh

Ernie originally started dancing the styles of ballroom, latin and hip hop. In 2011 he discovered the wonders of the lindy hop and was hooked! He enjoys performing and first started in Swing Patrol’s performance troupe Brat Pack before joining Harlem Shout in 2014. Ernie appreciates all the styles of swing dancing including charleston, lindy hop, balboa, blues and collegiate shag. He is also a key member of Shagpile, the Melbourne Collegiate Shag performance team, and a committee member for MLX. He has travelled all over Australia for swing dance exchanges and workshops. Last year he travelled to Herrang dance camp in Sweden. During the week he works as a physiotherapist analysing human body movement, and incorporates this background into his understanding of lindy hop. He loves bringing fun, friendliness, musicality, connection and rhythmic changes to his dancing and teaching. He is very excited to share his passion and knowledge of swing dancing with you!

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