TOMORROW, NOV 19: Learn to Switch Dance in a Day. It's almost upon us now!

Often known as the tall guy in the hat, Garrad has been ubiquitous in the local swing dance scene for 6 years, beginning his obsessive journey at Swing Patrol’s Fun Pit, then soon attending all venues he could get himself to and making sure he made every event possible. He still remembers his early days and the absolute joy of learning and performing his first routine for the Performance Ball. He has since danced in Swing Patrol troupes Brat Pack and Harlem Shout.

Garrad looks forward to building the swing dance community in the west, and sharing his passion with new blood, who will then look back on their swing career with the same fondness and sense of enrichment.

Garrad is a dedicated nerd, gamer, boardgamer and swing dancer.

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