We’re loving The National Jazz Museum in Harlem YouTube channel, with plenty of fascinating listening sessions feat… https://t.co/7IYrKcq7d7

Jess’ love of dance was obvious from as young as a toddler, when she would dance from her pram while her big sister took lessons. After living the jazz, tap and ballet life as a young child, the dance bug never left her and Jess (then Jess Shegog) eventually found her way to the blues and lindy scene in 2010. It didn’t take long before doing interstate exchanges and being a part of multiple venues was a regular thing. She has had some small breaks from injuries or life events, but always comes back to the joy in the swing scene. Jess has a deep love of the people and music that make the scene so alive and can’t wait to share it with others.

When not dancing, Jess can be found gaming, reading or spending as much time with her dog as humanly possible.

(Photo credit: Meagan Woods, Paper Doll Photography)

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