Blues dancing? Don't mind if I do. Classes and social dancing on Sundays at The Exford Hotel in Melbourne's CBD.…

Mel’s love of dance started when she was only 4 years old, and she has danced on and off ever since. She has dabbled in a few dance styles, but fell in love with partner dancing when she became a little rock’n’roller with her dad at age 9. She was introduced to swing dancing in 2011, and instantly became hooked on the vibrant Melbourne swing and blues scene.

Mel has been a member of the Brat Pack and Harlem Shout performance troupes, she has taught at Swing Patrol Yarraville for the past year, and at other Swing Patrol workshops. Mel has also enjoyed experiencing swing dance scenes across the globe.

Mel loves welcoming new people into the swing dance community. Her teaching style combines a focus on teaching good technique with connecting people to their inner child. Mel’s goal for her students is for them to have a great toolbox of good technique, a diverse repertoire of moves from varoius styles of swing dancing, strong leading and following skills, as well as the confidence to play, create, and have fun in every single dance with every single dance partner.

When Mel’s not dancing, she is probably at a music festival or gig (and probably still dancing actually), or she is enjoying the outdoors.

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