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Scott loves teaching and shares the dance he loves every week. He often talks about his passion for introducing the dance to new people and watching their joy as they are first shown this amazing art form. Scott has been described as someone who has introduced Lindy Hop to more new people than anyone else – anywhere! Scott always imparts vital technical nuggets required to be a great social lindy hopper as well as always referencing the history of the dance. At the same time Scott ensures the joy of the dance is part of all sessions. You will always find Scott dancing in the class with any follows or leads that are spare and his team call the class “ the love bubble” as he has a special skill of taking everyone on an immersive journey where they leave feeling inspired by the dance. Read more here.

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Next Steps

13 June '20 - 13 June '20

Take the next step in your Lindy Hop journey, toward more confident dancing with your partner and the music.

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