TOMORROW, NOV 19: Learn to Switch Dance in a Day. It's almost upon us now!



Swing Patrol’s newest northern venue – in Coburg!
Learn swing dancing weekly on Fridays.


7:00pm: Level 1
Total Beginners

Drop in any week, all welcome! We’ll get you started on all the key elements of the swing dance family, including Charleston, 6-beat and 8-beat, as well as figuring out how dancing with a partner works. This class is perfect for anyone who hasn’t danced swing before, or is just looking to work on their basic technique. We start from scratch each week, but guarantee that you’ll be able to dance to a whole song by the end of the class! No need to worry about partners as we’ll be rotating throughout the class – just bring all your friends for a fun, social night with great music.


8:00pm: Level 2

Know the basics and looking for a little more challenge? Keen to add some moves to your repertoire? or just need your weekly Lindy Hop fix? Then you want to be in this class. We will have new moves each week to challenge and entertain you, with a focus on getting the most out of the social dance floor.

See you on the dance floor!