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Point Cook



New swing dance class, Wednesdays in the West!
Our experienced and friendly teachers will teach you everything you need to do from scratch. We’ll have you dancing and smiling in minutes.


7:30pm: Level 1
Total Beginners

Drop in any week, all welcome! Each week we start from scratch with the basic steps so you can start anytime. We rotate partners throughout the class so no partner required, all you need is to show up and we’ll get you dancing. If you’re keen to get started or want to work on your basic technique, this is the class for you.


8:45pm: Performance Ball routine class 17 July – 18 Sep
All welcome

In preparation for Swing Patrol’s Performance Ball on Saturday 21 September, we’ll be working on a great routine to suit all levels of dance experience. Learning choreography is an excellent way of understanding musicality and mastering moves through consolidation and drilling, with everyone working together for a common goal. You don’t have to perform (though we suspect you might want to) but do come along to class and join the fun. This routine is for dancers of all abilities. It’s fast and furious and that makes it a challenge for all. Loads of fun and great moves await!
Your second class of the night is only $9, so double the learning for half the price.