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Learn To Dance In A Day – Lindy Hop 2020

15 February '20 - 31 December '20

Two left feet? Got no rhythm? That’s where we can help! Now you could be swing dancing in a day!

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Learn To Dance In A Day – Balboa

16 February '20 - 4 July '20

Learn the foundations of Balboa – a classic vintage swing dance that's flowing and fun!

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Beginner Aerials workshop – May 2020

2 May '20

Take to the sky and learn to fly with Swing Patrol. Saturday 2 May 2020.

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Learn To Dance In A Day – Blues

30 May '20

Learn how to dance to Blues music - express yourself and gain more appreciation of the music. We'll teach you the fundamentals so you can feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

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Next Steps

13 June '20

Take the next step in your Lindy Hop journey, toward more confident dancing with your partner and the music.

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Learn To Dance In A Day – Solo Jazz 2020

21 June '20

A solo Jazz and Charleston workshop for all comers! Great exercise, tremendous fun and dazzlingly joyful music. Meet new people, learn new moves.

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